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15mm Length Eggs Of Sea Monkey Monkeys Fairy Brine Shrimp Growing Artemia Salina Crayfish Prawns NOT Triops Egg To Hatch Hot Toy

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    Free Shipping 15mm Length Eggs Of Sea Monkeys Monkey Fairy Brine Shrimp Growing Artemia Salina Crayfish Prawns NOT Triops Christmas Toys Funny 1PCS

    Item No.:iW-STMF-2-O

    Product Size : 0.79inch Length

    Packaging Size : 5.12 x 3.55 x 0.40 inch

    Sale Method : 1PCS By Free Shipping

    Product combination:1 Bag of Sea Monkey Eggs,1 Bag of Sea salt,1 Manual

    Pls see the vedio for the Triops/Sea Monkey growwing proformance:


    Specifications :

    1. Go first to a large transparent containers and their favorite feeding bottle, rinse off (disable any disinfectant and cleaning agents).
    2. Take about 400ml water or mineral water (in subject line of bags cut about 3 bags) into a previously prepared container.
    3. Adding water bag configuration elements, stir to dissolve, and place clean day.
    4. Liquid purification is completed, remove the part of the transparency into your favorite feeding bottle, then pour the magic eggs, liquid eggs must be covered, the remaining reserve of liquid retention.
    5. 2-3 gradually in future there will be a small lobster hatching (incubation time due to local climate impacts in advance or delay), incubation temperature 22 degrees above requirement.
    6. After the third incubation of small lobsters, four days start to feed, food to milk, cooked milk, sugar or cooked egg yolk-based, remember! Oh, just a very, very little, to prevent pollution of water bodies, causing mass mortality of crayfish
    7. The first week of crayfish growth rate is very slow growth until about 10 days faster. After 30 days a small number of crayfish can grow to about 6 mm 30 to-40 days after the birth of the next generation of baby began. Do not rush to the time you can Oh, by the methods prior to feeding on the line. Materials for indoor rearing of small lobsters, not placed on the outside, to avoid strong direct sunlight.
    8. When the feeding bottles of water pollution is more serious, with a spoon scoop out some water, the original backup of fluid retention to the feeding bottle.

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